Eggciting times at YouFarm South Africa!


It’s been a very busy couple of weeks at YouFarm. We’ve had a number of exciting developments as we start to spread our wings. We have a couple of new agents who we are now working with and we are one step closer to achieving our vision of changing the way agricultural finance is done in Africa.


Last week I spoke about our pivot to a more sustainable model that allows us to scale and identify more farmers across the country that need funding. This model has us working with agents in South Africa and 3 other countries namely Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

YouFarm Agents identify farmers that require funding. The agents perform due diligence on the farmer and ensure that the farmers have the capacity to produce the crops that they are seeking funding for. For example if a farmer says that they have 1 hectare of irrigation, our agents will go and inspect the farm to see if the irrigation equipment works. The agents also assist the farmers with budgeting for their projects. This helps the farmer to focus on the project and ensures that projects are not over inflated.

The agents help the farmers manage the projects from planting all they way to harvest. Not only do the agents assist farmers with project management, they also provide expert agronomy advice and extension services so that the farmers can reduce waste and maximize yields.

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One such agent is Prestige Agri Solutions. Prestige Agri Solutions has been providing expert advice to farmers in the Gauteng region for several years now and is managed by a highly motivated team of agronomists. Their sole purpose is to help farmers achieve their goals.

Some of the services Prestige Agri Solutions provide include:

  • Farm mapping
  • Soil and water analyses plus test result recommendations
  • Crop management
  • Irrigation management and scheduling
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Pest and disease management
  • Crop budgets
  • Agronomic reports and recommendations

Prestige Agri Solutions managed to identify a farmer who requires funding.

The Opportunity

Moatlhodi is a 40-year-old poultry farmer from Hammanskraal in Gauteng who specializes in egg production. He is the only egg producer in his area and he sells close to 30 crates of eggs a day. In order to keep up with the demand Moatlhodi requires R519,155.00 in order to purchase 1,600 point-of-lay hens. These hens will produce enough eggs to service his community for 1 year.


This presents an eggciting (I couldn’t resist) opportunity for anyone who wants to support a smallholder farmer in South Africa. By partnering up with Moatlhodi you will achieve the following:

  • Support a smallholder farmer
  • Earn some money while becoming a part of the agricultural value chain
  • Help create downstream employment. (Think of the bakers he sells eggs to!)

Moatlhodi requires R519,155.00 so that he can purchase 1,600 point of lay hens plus feed and medicines for the birds to produce eggs for 1 year. The birds will produce an estimated 421,120 eggs making a projected gross income of R694,924.48. This gives us a project profit of R175,768.26.

The investors will get to share 30% of the profit from the sale of the eggs, which works out to a return of 10.2%, meaning that for every R100.00 you put into this project you can expect to earn R10.20. Not bad considering that the interest rates are sitting at 7.25%. Best of all your returns are paid back monthly for this project.

  • If you invest R1,000.00 you can earn up to R102.00 after 12 months. The repayments will be R91.83 per month for 12 months.
  • If you invest R5,000.00 you can earn up to R510 after 12 months. The repayments will be R459.16 per month for 12 months.
  • If you invest R20,000.00 you can earn up to R2,040.00 after 12 months. The repayments will be R1,836.66 per month for 12 months.

YouFarm South Africa is very excited to be supporting Moatlhodi and we are confident that Prestige Agri Solutions will manage the project so that we can produce great returns for both Moatlhodi and potential investors.

If you would like to invest in the project visit (link) and enter the reference code hampol12m. For more details, please download the project prospectus from here. If you would like to know more about how you can become a YouFarm Agent, email or WhatsApp +27730270637.


If you would like more information on Prestige Agri Solutions please email


We have a lot of exciting projects coming soon. Follow is on Twitter. Like us and follow us on Facebook or visit our website If you have any questions about how you can invest or how you can become an agent and support farmers in your community feel free to email us or WhatsApp +27730270637

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