Ncumisa Mkabile: The Spinach Queen

Ncumisa Mkabile, Spinach queen

“Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.”

The 27 year old Agripreneur, Ncumisa Mkabile is living proof of how hard work and passion can lead to your success. The Cape Town based crop and poultry farmer is using spinach to not only feed the nation, but create employment while at it. Mkabile uses the power of social media to market her business and it is definitely working as she continues to gain traction which is opening new doors and giving her the platform to grow and make a change.

Ncumisa’s talents and interests do not end with green fingers, the Cofimvaba born champion is also a travel and tourism graduate who tapped into farming when COVID-19 lockdown regulations were passed.

Before then, she was selling takeaways. Mkabile didn’t let the CoronaVirus pandemic stop her from dreaming and creating wealth for her and her community, she later tapped into Poultry farming as she identified the demand.

“When I saw that the demand was high for chicken, I decided to farm chicken and supply to people who would like to start their own businesses, while still doing my deliveries,” she says.

This was still not enough for the passionate Khayelitsha-based agripreneur. Ncumisa decided to start farming crops on a nearby land. After planning to grow Green peppers on the land, she decided to use the winter season to her advantage. “I saw that spinach is easy to maintain and can survive any weather conditions. That is where my journey started!” said the enthusiastic Mkabile.

Spinach produce

When Ncumisa started the business, she didn’t know anything about farming and had to learn everything from the internet as it wasn’t something she had studied for. She planted her first seedling in May and on 18 July she proudly posted on Facebook about the progress.

“I planted, I prayed, and now it’s time to harvest.” – Ncumisa Mkabile, Facebook

Land access still remains a challenge for most South Africans. Mkabile’s farming lands in inbetween Khayelitsha shacks where poverty is prevalent, she says that she’s currently using leased land which doesn’t allow her to expand. One of the major challenges she is currently facing is the lack of irrigation system as she’s still using watering cans. She believes owning a bigger space will allow her to overcome the challenges.

Ncumisa is the exact reason that YouFarm exists. We don’t believe that an enterprising young farmer like Ncumisa should struggle to get finance so that she pursues her dreams of farming. We also value the power of communities coming together. 

While she enjoys empowering her community, her ambitions do not end there as she wants to become a commercial farmer. “I do not want to limit myself. I want to be able to produce high-quality fresh fruit and veggies to supply all over South Africa…” she says. The local Spar took note of Ncumisa’s business and she’s currently supplying her produce to them.

For Ncumisa, family and community is everything. The YouFarm Crowd Farming Platform uses the power of communities to raise finance for farmers and we are proud to be helping Ncumisa raise the money she needs to purchase irrigation equipment and shade netting so that she can expand operations.

To find out more about how you can help Ncumisa and become a part of her journey by investing in her project, visit and open your YouFarm account today.